Omeprazole suspension prescribed for treatment of infants and children reflux oesophagitis (discomfort caused when stomach contents are brought up continually after feeding) . During reflux the stomach acid causes irritation of the food pipe (oesophagus). Omeprazole is used to reduce the amount of acid made by the stomach. Taking omeprazole can be an important part of the treatment of reflux by helping to reduce the irritation.

We Prepare following strengths of Omeprazole;

  • Omeprazole  2 mg/ml oral suspension     (price for   60 mls are about  $49.95)
  • Omeprazole  2.5 mg/ml oral suspension  (price for   60 mls are about  $49.95)
  • Omeprazole  3   mg/ml oral suspension   ( price for   60 mls are about  $52.50)


For any other strength or dosage form  please contact us.